Fantasy Baseball Review #2

It’s been a roller coaster month for Benintendinitis. At my peak, I was in 5th place. Pitching was carrying the load, and my hitting was starting to heat up. Things were looking good.

Then it all went to hell.



Johnny Cueto hits the 60 day DL. In the meantime, I picked up Ian Kennedy and Chad Bettis, who were kind enough to give up a combined 17 earned runs between their starts last week.

Those two starts were enough to raise my season ERA by over half a run, resulting in a 5 point drop, which put me securely in 11th place.

CBS Sports shot me this email today, which really boosted my self-worth:


Additionally, Matt Chapman has stopped hitting, Marwin Gonzalez has stopped hitting, Starlin Castro has stopped hitting, and Dexter Fowler continues to not hit.

I have an overwhelming fear that if this can’t be turned around in a couple of years, I would have wasted prime years of my current core of Trea Turner, Alex Bregman and Andrew Benintendi.

While 2018 will not be my year for fantasy baseball, I should focus on 2019 and beyond.

And while I still focus to improve my current situation, I have no need to sell the farm for, at best, a top 5 finish. I have a number of players on the horizon who could provide immediate and future impact:

1. Alex Reyes
2. Vlad Guerrero Jr.
3. Michael Kopech
4. Austin Riley

These guys would provide a substantial core that I could build off of in the future. This is, of course, provided that they all pan out. Which, in baseball, is always a sure thing, right?????

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