Harrison Ford Blockbuster Run 1980-1984

On the blockbuster run of Harrison Ford.

I love researching filmographies. I can go down a rabbit hole on IMDB.com and forget what I originally went to look for in the first place. Usually, I think of an actor and dive into their film history to find their best string of hit movies. I’ve written about this before on consecutive runs of Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, two of the all-timers. Recently, I found myself on Harrison Ford’s page and gazed upon what is probably the greatest blockbuster run of all time. Continue reading “Harrison Ford Blockbuster Run 1980-1984”

Top 5 Baseball Movies

Back in December, I committed to the following list of favorite baseball movies on Twitter:


This list came with a caveat that it changes frequently. But, I wondered if there was a semi-scientific way to determine what the actual order would be, so I decided to rank them based on the following categories: Continue reading “Top 5 Baseball Movies”


There are only a handful of things in the world of entertainment that will make me stop dead in my tracks. The announcement of a new Ghostbusters sequel directed by the son of Ivan Reitman is near the top of the list. Another would be a teaser trailer for said sequel. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here. If you love Ghostbusters as much as I do, it’ll be like getting punched in the face by your childhood. Continue reading “GB20”

The Many Deaths of ‘Point Break’

1991’s Point Break is no doubt a great film. It has a significant amount of death scenes, specifically in the second half. If you haven’t seen the movie yet (which I have no idea why that would be the case), stop reading now or prepare for spoilers.

giphy7 Continue reading “The Many Deaths of ‘Point Break’”