Fantasy Baseball Review #3

Good news, bad news situation for my team. Good news is that I’ve moved up to 9th place (no more cellar dwelling for this guy!). The bad news is that Alex Reyes returned only to land on the DL after pitching only 4 innings in his debut.

My team is just kinda floating by at the moment. Welington Castillo got himself suspended (c’mon, brah, it’s 2018). Ryan Zimmerman is just chillin’ on the DL, along with Johnny Cueto, Zach Britton, and Adam Ottavino.

But hey, Joe Panik should be activated today! He’ll certainly give me a real boost!


Also, I’ll admit that some of my waiver wire pick-ups have been pretty boneheaded:

Zach Elfin: 9.1 IP over 2 starts, 12 HA, 7ER

Chad Bettis: 17 IP over 3 starts, 18 HA, 10 ER

I’ve benched Elfin, but not Bettis. I know what I’m doing, ok?


Also? Whose idea was it to get Sonny Gray and put him on a two-year deal? Dude has a 5.98 ERA, 1.71 WHIP, and only 3 wins. But hey, he’s pitching against Baltimore tonight, so he should do pretty well, right?

I’m honestly not sure where my team goes from here. My team is trending up very slightly and I only have a loose grip on 9th place. I put Gray on the trade block, think I’ll get a few bites? Me either.


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