High School Movies – Part 2!

Part 2! Below are my favorite high school movies that were released after I was out of high school. This is a short list with three no-brainers that are all essentially tied for number one. Everything else felt like a flash in the pan: funny at the time, but no real staying power. Maybe I’m getting too old?

Superbad (2007)

This film will go down as a quintessential high school movie. While only about half of it actually takes place in a high school, it centers around 3 friends who go through extraordinary means to obtain booze and attempt to get laid. This movie is awesome. The only downside I can think of would be that I’ve heard too many McLovin jokes.


Easy A (2010)

This movie is endlessly rewatchable. I don’t think there has been an instance where I was channel surfing and DIDN’T stop to watch it. The concept of the movie is great, with the story essentially being told in flashbacks with Emma Stone webcasting a narration of the events. Also, Amanda Bynes is hilarious.

This is my face when I see this movie on cable:


Mean Girls (2004)

I may have seen this in theaters twice, but I can’t recall. I know I own the DVD and have watched it numerous times on television. This is probably a top 4 high school movie based on popularity and it will forever be a part of the national consciousness at least once a year:


Stay tuned for Part 3 with my favorite high school movies pre-high school. This list will not be easy.

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