High School Movies – Part 2!

Part 2! Below are my favorite high school movies that were released after I was out of high school. This is a short list with three no-brainers that are all essentially tied for number one. Everything else felt like a flash in the pan: funny at the time, but no real staying power. Maybe I’m getting too old?

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High School Movies – Part 1

I love high school movies. In fact, it may be my favorite film genre. Certainly in the top 3. I first fell in love with them when I was in middle school, when they gave me unrealistic expectations about how cool high school was going to be. But movie high school and IRL high school are two vastly different things. Which is fine. I had a good experience, it was just a bummer that I couldn’t wander the halls whenever I wanted and actually had to go to class to graduate.

There are a number of high school movies that I’ve enjoyed over the years, so nailing myself to a top 5 or top 10 list didn’t seem reasonable. So, I decided to make separate lists of my favorite high school  movies that came out before I was in high school, while I was in high school, and after I was in high school.

For Part One, I’ve listed favorite high school movies that were released during my high school tenure, which started in September of 1997 and ended in June of 2001.

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Fantasy Baseball Review #1

It hasn’t been the best start for my dynasty league fantasy baseball team. Before the draft, the season was full of promise. Having both Trea Turner and Andrew Benintendi on inexpensive, long term deals, and Alex Reyes and Vlad Guerrero Jr. waiting in the wings in the minors gives me a promising young core. The potential feels huge.  But, Turner and Benny have both had slow starts to the season. Turner is only hitting .195 and Benny is currently batting .206.

The rest of my team, with a few exceptions, can’t seem to get started this season. J.D. Martinez is hitting .222 with only one home run, Alex Bregman is sitting at .186 and can’t buy a base hit, and Yonder Alonso, who remains my sleeper pick, is STILL ASLEEP only hitting .167 with two home runs.

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